Zaria Forman: “Stillness and Momentum: Communicating Climate Change Through Art” | Talks at Google

Every day we are forced to reckon with the looming issue of climate change, one that has become not simply an environmental issue, but a profoundly personal one as well. I believe that art has the ability to establish a personal connection to abstract concepts. Through my large-scale drawings of icebergs I seek to convey the beauty of these forgotten and rapidly changing landscapes while also imparting the urgency of the climate crisis. My travels with NASA and my own mother’s love of polar regions has instilled in me a deep respect for these monoliths of ancient ice that are melting at a rate much faster than they are growing. Through my drawings and a devotion to the positive rather than the negative, I hope to translate their awe-inspiring beauty to those who cannot experience them firsthand, so that they will be driven to protect them.

Zaria Forman was born in South Natick, Massachusetts and currently works and resides in Brooklyn, New York. She studied at the Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy and received a BS in Studio Arts at Skidmore College in New York. Her works have been in publications such as Juxtapoz Magazine, National Geographic Proof Blog, Huffington Post, and the Smithsonian Magazine. Zaria was featured on CNN, the Wall Street Journal and interviewed by Lucy Yang on ABC7 Eyewitness News. Zaria exhibited in Banksy’s Dismaland, delivered a TEDTalk at the Town Hall Theater in NYC that is featured on TED.com, travelled aboard the National Geographic Explorer as the artist-in-residence for four weeks in Antarctica, and flew over the polar regions with NASA’s Operation IceBridge. Her upcoming solo show opens September 9th at Winston Wächter Fine Art in Seattle and runs through November 4th.



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