Yolanda Gonzalez, Sandra Cornejo, Rosalie Lopez: “Latina Art and Culture” | Talks at Google

Yolanda Gonzalez, Sandra Cornejo, and Rosalie Lopez are Los Angeles based Latina artists.

Yolanda González was born into a family whose artistic heritage dates back to 1877. Her world is one of curiosity, demonstrating her love of people and their surroundings. She is known for her strong, bold brush strokes of color and texture, intent on evoking imagination and emotion.

Sandra Cornejo is a first generation Salvadoran-American artist, historical collective memory is an important influence and inspiration for her work. Every face, every voice, and every hand holds a story.

Rosalie López is a Los Angeles based artist whose work involves combining cultural iconography with references of her everyday surroundings. Her images highlight and recognize the strength and beauty of her community and the everyday.

The Google LA exhibit includes the works of 5 LA Latina artists. Over 20 pieces are displayed to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. These artists share their intimate experiences with Hispanic culture and their inspirations.

Moderated by Liliana Cerilo.



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