Women Behind Bars | Talks at Google

This Women & Girls Behind Bars forum is a key event in our ongoing series of criminal justice conversations at Google. This powerful gathering centers on the lived experiences of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and girls. Through their voices and experiences, we will learn why a gendered approach to criminal justice reform is so critical.

With more than one million women behind bars or under the control of the criminal justice system, women are the fastest growing segment of the incarcerated population increasing at nearly twice the rate of men since 1985. Girls are also outpacing boys in rates of arrest and detention. Incarceration is different for women and girls. Women in the criminal justice system are more likely than men to have experienced violence and exploitation—such as sexual or intimate partner abuse or trafficking. Sexual violence is the leading predictor for girls’ involvement in the juvenile justice system. Google’s forum with Women & Girls Behind Bars amplifies the voices of these women & girls left behind.

Malika Saar
Andrea James
Miyhosi Benton
Topeka Sam
Sarah Zarba
Michelle Diaz
Charity Chandler
Maui Chacon
Christen Lien
Topeka Sam
Kyndia Riley
Marquesha Babers

Moderated by Malika Saar.



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