Will Kristi Winters Ever Learn? (also featuring thoughts on The Wooly Bumblebee)

Well, you can’t learn if you shut people down without first even hearing what they have to say (let alone honestly appraising it), so by her own admission, the answer to the titular question is an almost certain “no”.
Most of this video concerns Kristi Winters. The section on The Wooly Bumblebee starts at 26:53

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This video is a response to a hangout between Kristi Winters and The Woolly Bumblebee entitled “Winters and the Bee Part 1”

In particular, this video is a response to a section in which Kristi misportrays my work, and an “exchange” that followed, seemingly in a bid to hold me up as an exemplar of much that is wrong with YouTube (ie: inability to handle criticism, lack of skepticism and lack of rigour). Whilst I vehemently uphold Kristi’s right to block me from her comments section the end result is that it leads to videos such as this, as this becomes the next most sensible means of recourse.

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