Why Subjective Morality Is Ultimately Superior (A Response To Dprjones Pt2)

Notes for Christians and Muslims below:

This video is the second part of my thoughts on the handling on moral objectivity, specifically by William Lane Craig and his supposition that ‘deep down we just know’ that morality is objective.

Part 1: William Lane Craig “Deep Down We Know It”

I make the general point here that the assumption that many people seem to slide in to, that an objective moral basis would automatically be superior, is far from the truth.

Note to Christians/Muslims:

An appeal that your God’s specific objective moral set would not be one to fear, I entirely reject.
I have read enough scripture and seen enough in my life to know that if God truly possesses omnibenevolence then that characteristic (and the conclusions it leads to) is nowhere near as nice and straightforward as it sounds.
Literally, under the auspices of omnibenevolence no act is of sufficient abhorrence that we can categorically claim it as immoral, or so it would seem. Oh, and this is not a conclusion I have reached myself but rather one I have been lead to by the moral justifications of Christians and Muslims themselves.



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