Why Are US Poisoning Deaths on the Rise? – Patil Armenian

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2010/07/01/Poisons_Venoms_and_Pills_Toxicology_101

Dr. Patil Armenian of the California Poison Control System notes a doubling of poison related deaths since 1999. Armenian speculates that the deaths may be related to an increase in prescriptions for dangerous opioids like methadone.


Join Patil Armenian, MD of the California Poison Control System for Poisons, Venoms and Pills: Toxicology 101, an uninhibited interactive presentation and talk about all the various toxic substance you can ingest, inject, drink, get stung by, or be bitten with: from pills in your medicine chest to a viper in the wilderness.

This talk includes shocking visuals from the Poison Control Center’s vast archives of curiosities in accidental and intentional poisonings and overdoses. – California Academy of Sciences



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