Who Is India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Can Modi Save This Dying Art?

How Powerful is India?

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The recently elected prime minister of India, Narendra Modi is a controversial figure in Indian politics. So who is Modi and what did he do?

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Why Narendra Modi Was Banned From the U.S.
“Well-intentioned U.S. policies sometimes work out in absurd ways, but this is hard to top: In a few weeks, India, the world’s largest democracy, will probably elect as its next prime minister a politician who for nearly a decade has been prohibited from setting foot on U.S. soil.”

Narendra Modi’s track record in Gujarat is not the runaway success he claims
“Narendra Modi’s candidacy for Indian prime minister largely rests on claims of turning around his state of Gujarat.”

Timeline of the Riots in Modi’s Gujarat
“For more than a decade, Indians have asked whether Narendra Modi, India’s new prime minister, could have slowed or stopped the bloody 2002 riots in Gujarat.”

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