Which Regions Are Fighting For Independence? Part 3

Which Regions In The World Want Independence?
Which Regions Are Fighting For Independence? Part 2


China’s Uighur population is one of many ethnic groups seeking a new state. So, what other regions are fighting for sovereignty?

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Uighurs and China’s Xinjiang Region
“XUAR (Xinxiang Uighur Autonomous Region), or East Turkistan, is a territory in western China that accounts for one-sixth of China’s land and is home to about twenty million people from thirteen major ethnic groups, the largest of which (more than eight million) is the Uighurs, a predominantly Muslim community with ties to Central Asia. ”

Xinjiang: Has China’s crackdown on ‘terrorism’ worked?
“The words of a paramilitary police officer as he marched past me under the statue of Chairman Mao in China’s westernmost city.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina still divided 15 years after war
“The recent general election results in Bosnia and Herzegovina suggest the country is still mired in political deadlock and ethnic rivalry.”

Bosnian Elections Reinforce Longstanding Ethnic Divisions
“The stranglehold of parties representing narrow ethnic interests in Bosnia and Herzegovina was set to continue after elections over the weekend, analysts said Tuesday, reinforcing long-simmering divisions in the country and slowing its progress nearly 20 years after a brutal war.”

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