Where Is It Illegal To Insult Religion?

What Can You Be Publicly Executed For In Saudi Arabia? http://bit.ly/1YkSMTN
What Does The Future Of Religion Look Like? http://bit.ly/21UQA7G
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In Egypt, a woman was sentenced to jail for making an anti-religious comment on Facebook. So where else can you be punished for blasphemy?

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Which countries still outlaw apostasy and blasphemy?
“Apostasy and blasphemy may seem to many like artifacts of history. But in dozens of countries around the world, laws against apostasy and blasphemy remain even today.”

Muslim men held on blasphemy charge in Pakistan
“Five people have appeared in a Pakistani court accused of blasphemy after a Sikh man complained they had desecrated his turban during a scuffle over a delayed bus.”

Looking back at Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses
“On Valentine’s Day 1989, the dying Ayatollah Khomeini launched the mother of all prosecutions against Salman Rushdie. As with the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, his fatwa was a case of sentence first and trial later.”

Pakistan’s Religious Right Mobilizes Anew to Defend Blasphemy Laws
“These laws have long been the source of deep concern to international rights organizations and others, not least because they are sometimes misused to settle feuds, grab land, or persecute religious minorities by making false allegations.”

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