What Rights Do the Homeless Have?

Raw Portraits of America’s Homeless
This is Homelessness in America

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Hawaii just passed an anti-homeless law, mirroring growing discrimination against the group in the US. So what rights do the homeless have?

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The 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress
“On a single night in January 2013, there were 610,042 people experiencing homelessness in the United States, including 394,698 people who were homeless in sheltered locations and 215,344 people who were living in unsheltered locations.”

Chapter 3 Homeless Culture
“The word culture is describing the group of people with a certain set of beliefs, social forms and or way of life of a set of people in a certain time frame.”

Giving Homes To The Homeless
“Homelessness is an issue that affects almost every area of the United States, but surprisingly throughout history there has not been much legislation to help end this issue. ”

Recognizing Anti-Homeless Violence As A Hate Crime
“Even before a new expanded federal hate crime law wound its way through Washington, DC this year, history of another sort was quietly being made in another capital about 30 miles away. ”

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