What Has “New-Progressivism” Ever Achieved? (Re Captain Andy)

Second part of my response. “new progressivism” rather than sjw (ism) or regressive left (ism) for a couple of reasons I outline in the video.
Despite starting from seemingly noble progressive goals, which many moderate liberal left wingers and centrists share, it seems to me that and increased extremist approach and tendency to condemn those who disagree, rather than to try and persuade, has done nothing other than push people away who would otherwise be allies and provide endless fuel to the fire for political conservatives (and the emerging alt right )

So i go beyond just asking the question as to what this heady mix of strident progressivism, radical feminism and distinctly illiberal identity based politics has achieved online and also give my own views (and concerns)…….. but as Captain Andy did the same thing with his question I don’t feel too guilty!!!!

This channel is possible because of the continued support of my patrons, to whom i am eternally grateful (or at least will be grateful up until the point of my death)

Talking of which, here is Captain Andy’s video:

And here is the first part of my reply:
What Has YouTube Atheism Ever Achieved? (Re Captain Andy)



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