What Happens When Captive Animals Are Released?

After they’ve been in captivity, do animals fair better in their natural habitat?

How Powerful is PETA?

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Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2013
“Out of the seven major taxa only invertebrates did not have a project ranked as highly successful. There was only one amphibian case study and this was ranked as highly successful.”

Captive Carnivores Not Up To Wild Living
“On average only one in three captive-born carnivores survives in the wild, with most deaths related to human activities.”

Theme Park Dolphins May Be Set Free—Are They the Last?
“Two captive Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, called Taesan and Boksoon, are on track to be released into the wild—the latest in a string of theme park dolphins that have been set free in recent years.”

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