What Are The Real Effects Of Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a serious issue, and the effects it can have on a person can last a lifetime. Join Trace as he discusses the extent of the negative effects.

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Workplace Cyber Bullies Worse Than School
“A study of online behavior shows that cyberbullying is even worse in the workplace than it is at school.”

Software Detects and Deters Cyberbullying
“Kids who are bullied over the Internet often feel alone, which is a dangerous place to be.”

More than 25% of teenagers have suffered cyber bullying in the past year
“Cyber bullying is an emerging phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common among teenagers.”

Cyber bullying more difficult for teenagers to process psychologically than in-person bullying
“Expert adolescent psychologist discusses the psychological ways in which teens experience online bullying versus face-to-face conflict.”

Cyberbullying increases as students age, study finds
“As students’ age they are verbally and physically bullied less but cyberbullied more, non-native English speakers are not bullied more often than native English speakers and bullying increases as students’ transition from elementary to middle school.”

Years after Bullying, Negative Impact on a Child’s Health May Remain–negative-impact-may-remain
“The longer the period of time a child is bullied, the more severe and lasting the impact has on a child’s health, according to a new study from Boston Children’s Hospital published online Feb. 17 in Pediatrics.”

Cyber Bullying Intensifies as Climate Data Questioned
“Researchers must purge e-mail in-boxes daily of threatening correspondence, simply part of the job of being a climate scientist.”

What Is Gamergate, and Why? An Explainer for Non-Geeks
“Until recently, you might have lived a life blissfully unaware of the online #Gamergate movement.”

Bullying’s Long-Term Effects Seen in Both the Bullied and the Bully
“The effects of bullying in childhood can last a lifetime, both for the child who’s bullied and for his or her tormenter.”

A 13-Year-Old Google Science Fair Finalist Has A Simple Idea To Stop Cyberbullying
“Trisha Prabhu, a 13-year-old from Chicago, won a spot as one of Google’s 15 Global Science Fair finalists for her project about stopping cyberbullying by making teens and tweens think before posting hurtful comments.”

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