We Found the Largest Void in the Universe, And We’re Smack in the Middle

Researchers say our galaxy is located within an enormous cosmic void, and it’s changing the way we understand the universe.

What Is Beyond The Universe? – https://youtu.be/ghaZf1ODia0
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Are We Living in a Giant Cosmic Void?
“A team of researchers says the Milky Way resides in one of the observable universe’s darkest regions, but some experts aren’t so sure.”

As Much as Half of the Milky Way Likely Came From Distant Galaxies
“Astronomers looking at how intergalactic gas and dust moves across great distances found that up to half of the matter surrounding us comes from galaxies far, far away.”

Researchers Spot a ‘Renegade’ Supermassive Black Hole
“When a pair of black holes collide, they typically merge, but sometimes one of them may be kicked in the opposite direction at great speed.”


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Written by: Sophie Bakoledis



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