Washington as a ‘Giant, Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone’

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John Hamre, president and CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, criticizes the current state of politics in Washington, claiming that members of both parties are pandering to their constituents for reelection rather than being realistic about solving budgetary issues.


The U.S. government and private foundations have dedicated significant funding toward improving the wellness of global citizens, both in monetary contributions and research. What is, and what should be, the relationship of these investments to U.S. foreign policy? How do we decide where to spend valuable resources? What other factors affect global health, well being and economic development?

In our interconnected world these issues affect our peace, stability and security. In a unique partnership with CARE, we will examine what we know about global health and development, what we are learning, and to whose benefit. – The Chautauqua Institution

John Hamre was elected president and CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in January 2000. Before joining CSIS, he served as the 26th U.S. deputy secretary of defense.

Under Hamre’s leadership, CSIS’s Global Health Policy Center formed in 2009 its Commission on Smart Global Health Policy, operating from the premise that investments in health, while benefiting people first, advance a wide-range of foreign policy, security, economic and development interests. CSIS assembled the new commission in response to the 2007 Smart Power Commission, whose final report put a special focus on global health, making the case for public health investments as the leading edge of U.S. development programs and for improving the U.S. image abroad.



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