University Wars: Safe Space Bullshit Central VS Reality Check Boulevard

So students, they say, are customers now and DEMANDING their institutions fit their safe space requirements and snowflake related desires.

But this works both ways.

Students may also choose to spend their money to more intellectually robust establishments.

And what of employers?

What would you prefer?

A student from the Higher Institute of Advanced Snowflakery or a student from the University of Hard Knocks?

This relates to the University of Chicago where, back in August of 2016, a letter was sent to the new intake informing them that safe spaces, trigger warnings and no-platforming would not be a part of their education.
In this video i have tried to set this in a perspective of the student as the customer and then looked forward to the student as the commodity and the employer as the customer, to ask the question how will this all pan out?

The University of Chicago letter:
“University of Chicago Letter to Incoming Freshman 2016 ”

University of Michigan “black space”
“University Of Michigan Protesters Demand A Separate But Equal Safe Space For Black Students”

The University of Missouri “black space” I meant to refer to when i referenced the above!
“Campus Activists Weaponize ‘Safe Space’”

The recent article in the Independent:
“Demands of ‘snowflake’ students pose threat to freedom of speech, universities warned”



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