UK General Election: How I Voted and Drunken Jibber Jabber!!!!!

Ok so this video is recorded after a day of drinking. probably not a bad effort given the circumstances :-))))))

I want to explain how the UK system works for no Brits and then give some thoughts on what this election means and why i voted the way i did.
Politics in it’s rawest form is not something i do via my channel and i hope this gives people a little more insight into where i am at, whether that be a positive or yet another reason to parcel that dog turd up in a box and post it off to my house 😉

Feel free to use the comments section to discuss the ramifications of the election. Most particularly, where UK politics is heading as a result!

Ok ok so ther Ulster Unionists are not the DUP. Whoops: slight fuck up. same politics and same point though!!!!

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many many thanks.



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