Toxic Masculinity: Does Man Equal Bad?

Funny how when traditionally feminine characteristics are regarded as inherently inferior that is seen as the very apex of sexism yet, we are told, regarding traditionally masculine characteristics in the same light is nothing to worry about. Strange that.

My view is that we have been here before. We should know better yet we are doing the same trick with masculinity that we did for far too long (and in some circles are still doing) with femininity. Maybe this ought to be one issue where everyone can see the sense in “centrism” 😉

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the hangout shown at 3:36 was hosted by The Wooly Bumblebee and here is a link

I won’t inundate the notes with other links as they would simply be to a selection of the hundreds and hundreds of pop-feminist articles bemoaning “toxic masculinity” and you may as well have yourself some “fun” and pick your own!



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