Towards Inclusive Growth | Gabriela Ramos | RSA Replay

A decade after the global financial crisis, deep scars remain. Despite recent data signalling a closing of the income inequality gap between the highest and lowest earners, this has been accompanied by mounting economic insecurity, wage stagnation and – particularly since Brexit – rising inflation. The shock of the financial crisis might have been weathered by buoyant employment, particularly at the low end of the labour market, but this too has been accompanied by rising in-work poverty. Is ‘inclusive growth’ a utopian oxymoron, or the means to fairer, more sustainable economies? How can it be achieved locally and nationally? What are the implications for global capitalism and the process of globalisation? What are the economic choices and trade-offs we might need to face if we are to respond to the ‘politics of the left behind’?

Speakers: Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff; Hon Wayne Swan MP, Former DPM and Treasurer of Australia; Indy Johar, architect, co- founder of 00, and member of the RSA Inclusive Growth Commission
Chair: Rowan Conway, Director of Innovation and Development, RSA

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