Tom Siddell: “Fire Girl and The Wood Wolf: Working on Gunnerkrigg Court” | Talks at Google

Tom Siddell discusses his ongoing, critically acclaimed webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court (http://gunnerkrigg.com/).

Siddell opens with an introduction to Gunnerkrigg Court before focusing on his work building characters and relationships in the comic. In particular, Siddell uses the relationship between Annie (the “fire girl”) and Ysengrin (the “wooden wolf”) to illuminate some of the goals he pursues as an author and artist. Siddell then takes myriad questions about Gunnerkrigg Court from the enthusiastic audience gathered at Google’s NY office.

If you enjoy this talk, you may also enjoy Siddell’s chapter-by-chapter discussion videos, available here: https://goo.gl/j1HYkf



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