‘Tolerance’ and the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ -Part 2

I have to admit I was kind of baffled by the response to my latest video, in that the lions share of the critical comments were against things that were not said in the original video, and in some cases explicitly not said.

Ultimately it has to be my responsibility. For people have associative minds, and so if you put enough keywords in a given message, people will categorize your message accordingly, even if it was not something that was actually said. However for those who actually took the time to parse the video, they will in fact find none of the actually messages that a significant portion of people seem to have decided were there. I should have been more careful of my use of language. It’s the old axim, publish in haste, repent at leisure, but alas I other significant calls on my time other than making youtube videos.

Anyways, so I just took a random sampling of early responses, that largely mirror the text comments, and highlight the point that what they think I said, and what I actually said are different in critical factors. In an intentional form it would be called ‘strawmanning’ but it can be done unintentionally too.
You know its amazing how the choice of a single word can change things so much, from,
‘I like some flowers’ and ‘I like all flowers’
-Its a minor misquote to be sure, but it’s nonetheless one that is explicitly not there, and it is unfair to criticize someone who said the former on the basis that they said the latter.

The same was also almost universally true of the ‘Draw Mohammad Day’ videos, where a very common criticism was that I did not make enough distinction between different brands of Muslims, where in virtually all cases the distinction was explicitly made.



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