Time’s Up! A Movement for Change | Laura Bates

The ‘Weinstein effect’ has seen revelations of pervasive sexual assault and exploitation come to light across the world, sparking the #MeToo and TIME’S UP campaigns aimed at giving women a voice in tackling systemic injustice. The voices of women in Westminster and the BBC are becoming ever louder, and the pushback against the President’s Club shows a new paradigm is taking shape. But how can we channel the appetite for change into progress that is representative of a broad range of experiences? What are the barriers to change and how can we overcome them? How can we sustain the momentum behind this movement? And what part can men play in achieving gender justice?

Panel: Laura Bates, Author and Founder of Everyday Sexism; Helen Pankhurst, Activist and Author; Sophie Walker, Founding Leader of the Women’s Equality Party (WEP); Ayesha Hazarika, Political Commentator, Evening Standard Columnist, Comedian
Chair: Susan Riley, Editor of Stylist

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