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Pwnage Olympics II: Week 4

IMPORTANT: There are some notes to accompany this video which you can find at this link: http://www.noelplum99.blogspot.com These notes deal with those issues such as the quotes Thunderf00t brings up and the status of the biblical characters mentioned here, topics that time has not allowed me to mention in this video.

This video is a response to a video made by Thunderf00t “Was God a Volcano?” (so much for it always being atheists pwning theists!)

Tf00ts video attracted 150,000+ viewers. This video will attract but a fraction and will probably never be viewed by Tf00t himself (unfortunately) which I find somewhat depressing because the video he made is not really worthy of his channel and has, I believe, left people grossly misinformed.

Here is quote from Tf00t’s sidebar notes:
“Seeing as Moses is held to be a prophet in all three of the big monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism), is it possible that the ‘God’ of all three of these religions was actually nothing more than a volcano?
Is it not more likely that a bunch of desert nomads come witness a volcano, and seeing as they have never seen one before they think its ‘God’. One of their number is crazy enough to go up onto the volcano, where he sees all sorts of volcanic stuff that he mis-interprets as god, and seeing as he’s obviously a bit crazy anyways (y’know, how many sane people would go up onto an erupting volcano?) he has a bunch of ‘revelations from God’ on the mountain. When he gets down, not only does this impress the hell out of the nomads, but he tells them that he spoke to ‘God’ in the fire and smoke.”

Presented here is, I hope, a serious analysis of the relevant parts of the origins of Yahwism (as thorough as ten minutes allows) presented as an evidenced argument using biblical and extra-biblical sources to smash to pieces this hypothesis of Thunderf00t’s that Yahwists were worshipping a volcano. It is my view that once you have watched this video you will find his original video starkly naive and guilty of the same kind of historically decontextualised literalism that he is usually so ruthless in deconstructing.

If you enjoy the video then allow me to suggest you watch another of mine “From Noah to Abraham” which elaborates on the time between these two purported characters and the damning effect it has on the OT

Lastly, I should add that this video includes quite a lot of background information. I felt it was imperative to give the viewer a run through of the history and origins of the Israelites up to the time of Moses otherwise the strength of the case I make at the end really would not become apparent.
I’m sure you can imagine that finding a way to pack so much history into under ten minutes and still leave time for the rest of the video has not been an easy process: simply deciding on a structure for the arguments and deciding what to include and what to leave out has been a somewhat exhausting process and has meant concentrating on presenting the historically grounded counter only – for an alternative viewpoint on the specific quotes Thunderf00t mentions see the notes at the blogspot link (http://www.noelplum99.blogspot.com )

Several sources were used to piece together this video (including a fair number of hours on the internet, as usual) but the three primary sources were as follows:
1) “The Origins of Christianity and the Bible” – Andrew D Benson
2) “The Early History of God” – Mark S Smith
3) The lectures and transcripts of the *freely available* course ‘RLST 145: Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)’ by Professor Christine Hayes (specifically lecture 7 “7. Israel in Egypt: Moses and the Beginning of Yahwism (Genesis 37- Exodus 4) and lecture 8 “8. Exodus: From Egypt to Sinai (Exodus 5-24, 32; Numbers)”)

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