Thunderf00t on Kraut: RIP the “Marketplace of Ideas” LOL!

I always maintained that Thunderf00t’s assertion that YouTube is a free marketplace of ideas where the best ideas are the ones that become popular is an absolute load of crap.
Over the years i have taken some criticism for that position but it never seemed to correlate at all with what i actually saw.
In Thunderf00t’s latest video, Phil appears to argue the exact opposite and actually gives a very cogent and insightful run through of exactly how YouTube works. And he should know. Thunderf00t has always been very skilled in making videos that market his ideas well and rely on rhetoric and emotional appeal more than on a dry and scientific approach to the evidence. You really don’t have to be a snake oil salesman to understand the techniques involved.

Here is his latest video. I don’t know the details of the drama surrounding Kraut but I largely agree with Thunderf00t’s distinction between science and motive in the business of race and IQ (etc) and I wholly agree with this new “free marketplace of ideas is bollocks” argument he is making now :-)


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