Thunderf00t at the Great American Eclipse 2017!

Yes a ‘go to dr dino dot com’ creationist did turn up and start preaching at people during the eclipse.

Other than that, I chose the site about Casper WY about 3 weeks ago just to see if you could see the moons shadow moving.

Eclipses are a difficult subject to record. There is a huge range of contrasts meaning leaving the camera on auto expose is going to go wrong. Similarly you have to turn auto focus off. I did that with mine, but nudged the focus during totality…. which is why its out of focus :-(

In the end, I had one fixed wide angle running,
One whole sky timelapse
one distant angle timelapse
one videoing the sun in the H-alpha
and a handheld camera to point at stuff…

Oh and of course a pair of binoculars…… to watch the interesting stuff! -A busy 2 minutes! 😀

Many thanks to all those who support this channel and make videos like this possible!



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