Thunderf00t and Rape in the UK: Wrong Wrong Wrong!

Ok, so the most common complaint is that Thunderf00t did not say “this is legislation” and that it is claimed I implied it did. A lot of people have said this so i feel it right to apologise for giving that wrong impression*. This is what my position is:
Thunderf00t did not directly say “this is legislative change” but what he did claim is that Presumption of innocence has been revoked and Presumption of guilt has taken it’s place. Given that the work of the CPS requires no commitment to presumption of innocence and that this is a concept only applicable to the trial itself it is an inescapable conclusion from Thunderf00t’s claim that legislative change must be involved.
IOW: you cannot have a change of the burden of proof without legislation** so what he claimed NECESSITATED what i was talking about even if he never directly articulated it.

*I filmed this at night with my baby boy in bed. i never film at this time for fear of waking him so i did this in one take and, consequently, wasn’t quite as selective in my phrasing as i ought to have been.
** Justicar, who despite being a bit of a cunt ( 😉 ) has knowledge of these matters i respect, has suggested to me that in fact under common law precedents could be set that could supercede such legal statutes. I was not aware that case law could be as far reaching as that and i am still not entirely convinced that a judge could overturn article 6 of the European Union Convention of Human Rights of which the UK is a signatory. In any event, as thunderf00t was clearly not referring to a common law decision at any point in his video this is a point of interest but of no concern for either of our arguments.

If it is wrong it is wrong. His video is wrong. To try and ignore or turn a blind eye to that because ‘similar things happen’ is to play the same games the UVA/Rolling Stone apologists did.

(Recorded in one take trying not to wake my sleeping baby boy!!!)
Here is a piece that describes what actually HAS changed by Ally Fogg for InsideMan. If afterwards you are still in doubt, go and check out the actual legislation .

Here is the standing CPS guidance AS OF TODAY on consent regarding rape:

Here is thunderf00t’s video:
Guilty of RAPE until proven innocent: Justice in the UK


Let’s Talk About Rape (and how Laci Green got it SO wrong)

and here

Does Drunk Sex Equal Rape?




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