This Boring Taxonomical Change Is Making Dinosaur Nerds Go Crazy

A Brontosaurus is a dinosaur, right? Well, not according to new research.

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Dinosaur Family Tree Upended by ‘Revolutionary’ Study
“A dinosaur’s evolutionary history was long thought to be determined by the shape of its pelvis, but scientists behind a new study say that it ‘overturns 130 years of dogma.'”

New study shakes the roots of the dinosaur family tree
“More than a century of theory about the evolutionary history of dinosaurs has been turned on its head following the publication of new research from scientists at the University of Cambridge and Natural History Museum in London. Their work suggests that the family groupings need to be rearranged, re-defined and re-named and also that dinosaurs may have originated in the northern hemisphere rather than the southern, as current thinking goes.”

Shaking Up the Dinosaur Family Tree
“A Victorian paleontologist, Harry Seeley, declared in 1888 that dinosaurs should be divided into the bird-hipped (Ornithischia) and the lizard-hipped (Saurischia) categories that have been accepted ever since. Under this system, the heavily armored stegosaurs and ankylosaurs are placed on the Ornithischian branch of the family tree. The Saurischian branch includes both sauropods like the herbivorous diplodocus, and theropods like the meat-eating tyrannosaurs.”


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