These Terrifying Alien Worlds Actually Exist

Astronomers are making amazing exoplanetary discoveries, and some are truly bizarre. DNews breaks down these scary, alien worlds, here.

Earth-Like Planet Discovered! What You Need To Know – https://youtu.be/NIz42cy0vLQ
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The Most Horrific Alien Planets In Our Galaxy: Photos
“Exoplanets are mysterious, bizarre and some are just a little bit scar. With the help of the Kepler space telescope and advanced ground-based exoplanet hunting techniques, for the first time we’re directly observing a veritable menagerie of alien worlds, making this a historic time in human history.”

Search Is On for ‘Eyeball Earth’ Alien Planets
“Alien worlds resembling giant eyeballs might exist around red dwarf stars, and researchers are now proposing experiments to simulate these distant planets and see how capable they are of supporting life.”

Phantom ExoPlanet in Nearby Star System Found Surrounded by Massive Comet Swarms
“Astronomers exploring the disk of debris around the young star Beta Pictoris have discovered a compact cloud of carbon monoxide located about 8 billion miles (13 billion kilometers) from the star. This concentration of poisonous gas – usually destroyed by starlight – is being constantly replenished by ongoing rapid-fire collisions among a swarm of icy, comet-like bodies.”

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