These New Black Holes Challenge Our Theories of Galactic Evolution

Scientists have just discovered the existence of two new black holes, and they’re changing our understanding of the universe.

We’re STILL Not Saying It’s Aliens, But Tabby’s Star Is Getting Weirder – https://youtu.be/8XDS_aTVBrE

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A New Kind of Giant Black Hole Was Just Found Lurking Near The Heart of Our Galaxy
“A giant black hole some 100,000 times the mass of the Sun has been detected near the heart of the Milky Way, making it our galaxy’s second largest known black hole – coming after the supermassive void at its very centre, Sagittarius A.”

The Oldest Black Hole Ever Found Is Almost as Old as the Universe Itself
“A huge black hole has just been discovered that is about 13 billion light-years old – almost as old as the universe itself. The find of this supermassive black hole is puzzling astronomers because they can’t figure out how this black hole was formed so early in the universe’s history.”

How Black Holes Shoot Out Lethal Plasma Jets Is Becoming Clearer
“Did you know that black holes will occasionally shoot spectacular dual jets of hot gas out into intergalactic space? It’s one of the ways we know that black holes really do exist. But because astronomers can’t see the inner workings of black holes, they haven’t yet figured out how these plasma jets form.”

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