The Tipping Point: Could Micropayments Take Digital Currencies Mainstream?

Micropayments haven’t succeeded in the traditional payments space, but this hasn’t stopped them from taking hold in the digital currency sphere.

People across the globe are sending small amounts of digital currency to each other for a variety of reasons, from pay-per-minute video streaming to tipping on Twitter.

Our panellists are really making waves in the space – Wences Casares and Hernan Botbol are using bitcoin wallets to share ad-revenue with the 80 million monthly users of Taringa, one of the largest social networks in Argentina. Dan Morehead, on the other hand, has invested in a slew of cryptocurrency companies, including ChangeTip, which lets users tip each other on the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.
The session aims to examine whether micropayments will be what really popularises digital currency use.

Moderator: Emily Spaven, CoinDesk
Panellists: Dan Morehead, Pantera Capital
Wences Casares, Xapo
Hernán Botbol, Taringa!



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