The Threat to Space Travel That No One’s Talking About

If we don’t clean up space debris, it could become impossible to leave Earth’s atmosphere. Luckily, scientists have a plan. Well, lots of plans.

NASA’s Plan To Use A Giant Magnet To Make Mars Habitable – https://youtu.be/5XnpU9ZMFEg
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Robotic Gecko-Like Pincers Could Help Clean Up Space Junk
“Robotic pincers inspired by geckos could help collect garbage in space, a new study finds.
In experiments, the device was able to glom on to objects in the lab and even floating items within the International Space Station.”

Earth, Clean Up Your Trash!
“Even if we stopped launching satellites today, it would continue, says Benjamin Bastida, an ESA space debris expert in Darmstadt, Germany. And if space users do nothing to clean up what’s already there, he says, the 29,000 or so large bits of space junk orbiting Earth today ‘would become more than 200,000 in 200 years.'”

Japan Ready to Test Space Junk-Grabbing Tech
“The proposed technology would include a spacecraft that would deploy a 700-meter-long (2,296 feet) electrodynamic tether (EDT) and guide it toward a piece of space junk. The tether would latch onto the orbiting hunk of trash, and the operating spacecraft would then drag the debris down into the incinerator of Earth’s atmosphere (causing the operating spacecraft to burn up as well).”


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