‘The Sleeping Giant’

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I was kinda disappointed by just how few people understood ‘the sleeping giant’ reference.

It of course referred to the rather prophetic quote from the IJN Fleet commander, Admiral Yamamoto after the annihilation of the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor.

War is always a bloody business, and Yamamoto understood two key factors, firstly the ‘character’ of the US, and how when sufficiently incited they could be terrible and single minded, and secondly, that once the US industrial might had been fully mobilized it would be unstoppable.

Yamamoto second rather prophetic statement after the bombing of Pearl Harbor was ‘I can run wild for 6 months, after that I hold no real hopes of victories’. 6 months after came the decisive (although to be fair a large element of the outcome was down to luck) Battle of Midway which crippled the lions share of the IJN naval air power.

Three years later Japans cities were getting systematically raised to the ground, culminating of course in the double nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki…. but that’s a different story.

Many of those without the historical background to understand this filled in the meaning of the quote as they saw fit. Those with axes to grind ‘gleefully rejoiced’ and declared that ‘thunderf00t supports and advocates genocide’.
They didn’t stop there though, many went on to show how ‘Thunderf00t is exactly the same as the extremists’ with such specious reasoning as ‘thunderf00t zealously advocates something, and so do the terrorists, so they are the same’.

I also didn’t make it clear in the earlier shorter videos the difference between a dispassionate appraisal of history and an extrapolation of likely events based on historical precedent and current military dispositions and Dawahfilms fantasizing about how his religion, gives him the right…. no demands that he kills certain people.

For the benefit of those who didn’t spot the difference, a rational and strategic assessment of a problem is not the same as publicly fantasizing about how a magic book gives you the right, AND REQUIRES that you kill people.



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