The Problem with Anti-theism? An Informal Debate With Friended

If you can, join me on Monday (whoops tuesday!!), I will be informally debating/discussing anti-theism with my fellow YouTuber “Friended FOREVER”*

His channel:

As I understand it, Friended, whilst himself an atheist, feels that religion provides societal benefits that outweigh any negatives it brings. As someone who has always readily adopted the label “anti-theist” I will be trying to provide both a counter alongside my own criticisms of religion.

Lots of potential things to discuss, such as the philosophical merits and demerits of religion; the origins of religion (and whether we can infer anything from that about the societal merits it brings); the areas of society where religion impacts on everyone (including non-believers) and the contemporary and historical experiences of more and less religious societies.

Or maybe we will just talk shit for an hour and a half!

Past experience would suggest the latter 😉

Hope to see you Tuesday!

*(previously known as just “Friended”, but presumably he has managed to secure an indefinite lease on the username)



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