The Perfect Shitstorm: Thunderf00t vs DawahFilms

You know what would be nice? If one of these guys got in touch with the other and they thrashed out where they both stood between themselves. In my view they are not so far apart as their videos suggest and this argument has been 10% substance and 90% misinterpretation – incorrect assumptions in my view based on understandably partisan biases (note: there are a LOT of things they DO disagree on but not what lies at the root of this argument imo).

Nobody is wanting to bomb, maim or kill anybody here and that is the bottom line. Generally the people on YT are the good guys, here to debate and expose themselves to the opinions of others. Sure we have had a certain amount of posturing and puffing of chests but at root nobody who has been actively involved in this debate on EITHER side appears, to me at least, to be a warmonger.

This video is simply my opinions on the last few days after some reflection.



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