The Partition of India – Telling Tales | Talks at Google

The Partition of India occurred over 70 years ago in 1947 and was the largest human displacement – of nearly 14 million people – ever seen. While history recorded this event, a more intimate history of people who witnessed and survived this violent time has remained largely invisible – until recently.

You’re invited to join the 1947 Partition Archive, Noorani Dance and EnActe Arts to learn more about this history of the people. Importantly, ahead of the upcoming 2018 Bay Area premiere of Enacte Arts’ stage musical “The Parting,” join Partition survivors and theater artists for a fireside chat and exclusive curtain-raiser of the show.

1947 Partition Archive: 2:03
EnActe Arts: 28:09
Noorani Dance: 1:03:37

Moderated by Anurag Wadehra, Director, Google Cloud.

Donate to 1947 Partition Archive: http://www.1947partitionarchive.org/donate
Donate to EnActe Arts: https://www.tikkl.com/enacte/c/donate
Buy tickets to the Bay Area shows of “The Parting:” http://enacte.org/production/the-parting/



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