The Ocean Holds Enough Uranium To Power The Planet For 10,000 Years

Stanford University researchers have found a new way to extract particles of Uranium from seawater. Could this bring us closer to sustainable nuclear power?

The Internet Is Overreacting About Fukushima’s Radiation, Here’s Why – https://youtu.be/_jVm0N2dnhI
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Seawater Could Provide an ‘Endless’ Source of Uranium for Nuclear Plants
“You might be surprised to find out that very small amounts of uranium are found in seawater. A liter of seawater contains about a grain of salt’s worth of the material. In a new article in the journal Nature Energy, a team of researchers from Stanford detailed their novel technique for extracting it, which could lead to a practical approach to pull uranium from seawater instead of mining it (and then refining it) to power a nuclear power plant.”

Nuclear Fuel From the Sea
“Next time you go to the beach, think about this: You’re swimming in nuclear fuel. Our oceans contain an estimated 4.5 billion metric tons of uranium, diluted down to a minuscule 3.3 parts per billion. The idea of extracting uranium from seawater has been kicking around for decades now, but the materials and processes to do so may finally be economically viable.”

We’re One Step Closer to Pulling Nuclear Fuel Straight Out of the Ocean
“Pulling uranium out of seawater could be a cost-effective way to source nuclear fuel, scientists have found, and the technique could pave the way for coastal countries to switch to nuclear power. With the International Atomic Energy Agency currently predicting an increase of up to 68 percent in nuclear power production over the next 15 years, finding a new, more environmentally friendly source of uranium – the most critical ingredient in nuclear power – could give this alternative to fossil fuels a boost.”


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