The Military’s ‘Reciprocal Relationship’ with Video Games

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2010/04/07/Peter_Nowak_Sex_Bombs_and_Burgers

Technology journalist Peter Nowak shares a little-known fact: the first video game was developed by a contractor for the military. The relationship between the gaming industry and the military has “come full circle,” says Nowak. “Video games are training people to be soldiers, and they don’t even know it.”


What forces are driving the rapid technological developments that continue to shape our world? According to author Peter Nowak it is a very un-holy trinity; the war, porn and fast food industries.

In this talk at Gleebooks, Nowak brands the internet as “military made, porn perfected” and explains his thesis and looking at how these industries drive technological change. – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Peter Nowak is a senior science and technology writer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s online news division. He is the author of the book Sex, Bombs and Burgers: How War, Porn, and Fast Food Shaped Technology As We Know It.



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