The Laci Green Situation Turns Nasty

I propose that a negative comment from your own ranks tends to hurt many times more than when the same comes from your opponents. It surely follows from this then, that however much an online witch hunt must be stressful when the pitchforks are raised by those on your own side the temptation must be strong to just get back under the duvet.
But then Laci Green is dating Adolf Hitler and causing the literal genocide of people she had preciously sworn a lifelong oath of absolute obsequiousness to. Or so it would seem.

Here i give my thoughts on the escalating hostility; on the ludicrous and ever growing moaning, wailing and gnashing of teeth over “arguments to moderation”; and on why jumping on the happy bus and labelling yourself an “ally”, whilst seemingly good intentioned, just brings out the worst in the worst of people.

Some links, only a couple this time.
Chrisiousity’s video “Why People Are Pissed About Laci”
That awesome Facebook post written by the prince of oppression-based narcissism “The Love Life of an Asian Guy”, that so many people of whom I’d have hoped would know better are just lapping up:

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because apparently the real world is so fucking simple that you just pick out the guys in the white stetsons and they are the good guys!



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