The Laci Green “Red Pill” Affair – An Analysis

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Almost a week after her video, this is my response to both Laci green’s video “Taking the Red Pill?” and the reactions she received online to it.

0:00 Introduction
1:15 Initial thoughts on her video
3:10 The Rebecca Tuvel/Hypatia Incident
8:10 Response from the Anti-SJW side
11:50 Responses from the SJW’s
11:50 Case in point: Steve Shives
18:00 Case in point: Kristi Winters
26:05 Conclusion

0:10 Laci Green “Taking the Red Pill?”
2:50 “Blaire White & Laci Green: A Conversation”
2:50 “Quiplash w/ Laci Green. Rags and Memorie”

4:00 Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy
4:00 The Article by Rebecca Tuvel in full:
“In defence of transracialism”
4:00 The wikipedia synopsis of the incident

4:10 links to read on the Tuvel incident:
Article in the Daily Nous (philosophy news website) about the affair:
Response from Prof Kelly Oliver

4:24 Professor Nora Bernstein’s Facebook criticism of Rebecca has been taken down but references to it are all over, including here:
6:00The craven apology by Cressida Hayes on behalf of the editorial board:

7:40 Excellent piece by Freddie DeBoer:

15:50Maajid Nawaz debates Anjem Choudary
16:00 Should Geert Wilders be banned from the UK?
18:15 From the captain Mikul video “Conversation with Haydar Zaki – Right2Debate Gets First Victory”

21:45 My videos:
Let’s Talk About Rape- Laci Green gets it SO wrong in WANNA HAVE SEX? (CONSENT 101)
Laci Green Science Fail – MTV Braless (Brainless?) – Is Your Brain Sexist?

24:25 Link to Captain Andy’s comment on the Kevin Logan video “To Laci Green… ”



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