The Inside Scoop On Life In Congress – Former GOP Rep Joe Walsh Interview w/ Cenk Uygur

Joe Walsh is a former Republican congressman who represented Illinois’ 8th district from 2011 to 2013. He’s now hosts the Joe Walsh Show, which airs on WIND-AM 560 in Chicago and WNYM-AM 970 in New York.

While in office, Walsh emerged as a Tea Party favorite and vocal critic of the Obama Administration, railing against government spending, Obamacare, taxes, gun control and immigration policy.

Cenk Uygur sits down with former Congressman Walsh to discuss:
– Why so many Republicans refuse to believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States
– Should the IRS be abolished in favor of a “flat” tax?
– The influence of corporate interests on American democracy
– Is the main problem with the political system that there are too many misinformed voters?
– What Walsh had to do as the poorest member of congress
– Why the average American can’t run for office any more
– Does donating money equals free speech?
– Is it time to cut Social Security and Medicare?
– Are health costs going up under Obamacare or are they going down? What’s the Republican alternative to Obamacare?
– Is there any possibility for a two-state solution in Israel?
– How much time members of congress spend just on fundraising
– What happened to the Tea Party opposition to the Big Banks?



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