The Harvey Weinstein Allegations: How Do These Things Happen?

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This Harvey Weinstein situation reminds me very much of the Jimmy Savile case in UK, where seemingly the coercive behaviour and abuse of authority had gone on for a very long time to a great many victims, yet nothing had been done.
I thin a lot of people look to blame authorities and organisations in these situations but I actually think we shoulder the blame ourselves, as individuals and societies if we are arriving at situations where even when multiple rich and powerful people in their own right (Weinstein’s victims*) know that their experiences are not unique yet STILL nothing is brought properly into the open.

*victims. So yes, I know, nothing has been evidenced in a court yet but the likelihood that all these famous women are all making up their stories seems so shatteringly unlikely that, for me, we are already way way beyond the point of “reasonable doubt”.



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