The Hacker Wars: A Threat to Open Networks?

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/series/nextwork_conference_2011

Panelists Paul Sagan, Pradeep Sindhu, and Tim Wu discuss the implications of recent security breaches caused by various hacker groups. “On the state level we moved from this fear of nuclear war,” says Sagan, “to the fear of cyber war.”


Reality Check: A Network in Crisis?

Paul Sagan, CEO, Akamai Technologies
Pradeep Sindhu, Juniper Networks
Tim Wu, Federal Trade Commission; Columbia Law School

Moderated by Steven Levy, WIRED

NExTWORK is a one-day, interdisciplinary conference that will feature world-renowned business leaders, technologists, and thinkers exploring the promise and peril of the network’s future, as well as the most pressing digital issues and opportunities today.



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