The Evolutionary Advantage Of Swallowing Food Whole

Many animals, like snakes for instance, swallow their food in one big gulp, but is that better than chewing?

How Can Something Be A Plant And An Animal? – https://youtu.be/fx5u5tYaSpY
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Deep-Sea Dragonfish Predators Have a Freakishly Wide Bite
“The fish can open their mouths at least 120 degrees (a straight line measures 180 degrees) allowing them to eat extremely large prey relative to the size of these predators. Dragonfishes, described in the journal PLOS ONE, grow up to about one feet, six inches long. ‘In the dark, deep sea food is very scarce,’ co-author G. David Johnson of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History told Seeker.”

Evolution of a Functional Head Joint in Deep-Sea Fishes (Stomiidae)
“Several studies suggested that stomiids engulf significantly large prey items and conjectured about the functional role of the anterior part of the vertebral column; however, there has been no precise anatomical description of this complex. Here we describe a unique configuration comprising the occiput and the notochordal sheath in Aristostomias, Eustomias, Malacosteus, Pachystomias, and Photostomias that represents a true functional head joint in teleosts and discuss its potential phylogenetic implications.”

The benefits of food processing: Processing food before eating likely played key role in human evolution
“Although you probably enjoy a few leisurely meals every day, chances are that you spend very little time and muscular effort chewing your food. That kind of easy eating is very unusual. For perspective, our closest relatives, chimpanzees, spend almost half their day chewing, and with much greater force.”


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