The Art of Nothing: Recreating a Black Hole

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Christian Gonzenbach, artist-in-residence in the lab of Martin Pohl, discusses his attempt to represent the physical properties of black holes in art through the use of negative space.


While physicists attempt to understand the universe in their own way, Christian Gonzenbach draws on his experience as an artist-in-residence in the lab of Martin Pohl (University of Geneva, CERN) to do so with experiments and sculptures using objects from everyday life. – swissnex San Francisco

Christian Gonzenbach is an experimenter and an explorer at the edge between the normal and the bizarre. It is the unexpected, the little weird thing, that the artist focuses on. Hence, he has created installations in which a landscape is made out of corn flakes, a video in which all the people are pickles that play soccer, go for a dance or a boxing match, etc. His works look familiar but always disorient the viewer.



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