Supercomputers: The New Face of Wall Street (For Better or Worse)

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2011/06/25/Data_In_Sight_Making_the_Transparent_Visual

Joris Maltha, co-founder of Catalogtree, uses data visualization to show the impact that supercomputer error had on the New York Stock Exchange during the most recent crash. “There are no humans involved, its just mathematical algorithms trading amongst themselves,” explains Maltha.


Is data your daily bread? Hear from data visualization experts then roll up your sleeves and get hacking on a visualization of your own and compete for prizes. Data sets provided. Or feel free to mash it up with a data set of your own. – swissnex San Francisco

Catalogtree is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in 2001 by Daniel Gross and Joris Maltha. The studio works continuously on commissioned and self initiated design projects. The studios’ guiding design tactic is FORM = BEHAVIOUR. Typography, generative graphic design and the visualisation of quantitative data are daily routines. Other recent endeavours include: D.I.Y. structured-light 3D-scanning, Bristle bot development, and the visualisation of financial tick-data.



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