Steven S. Gubser & Frans Pretorius: “The Little Book of Black Holes” | Talks at Google

Steven S. Gubser and Frans Pretorius are professors of physics at Princeton University. Their new book, “The Little Book of Black Holes” takes readers deep into the mysterious heart of the subject offering rare clarity of insight into the physics that makes black holes simple yet destructive manifestations of geometric destiny.

Ever since Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicted their existence more than a century ago, black holes have intrigued scientists, writers, and the general public with their bizarre and fantastical properties. And the physics governing their behavior is stranger and more mind-bending than any fiction. Gubser and Pretorius illuminate black holes as astrophysical objects and theoretical “laboratories” in which researchers can test their understanding of physics.

Get the book here: https://goo.gl/1WDCso



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