Steve Shives – Have We Reached Peak Tinfoil Hat?

Steve Shives’ latest video just has me somewhat non-plussed. He ‘evidences’ sexism by seemingly giving us the most banal and mundane examples of the kinds of things that happen to everyone and suggests that anyone who does not immediately accept them as unquestionably the result of sexism, when a woman is on the receiving end, must also be part of the problem.
I just don’t know what to make of it all. We are at the point where this just seems like some kind of paranoia. Certainly if he was seeing the illuminati in the everyday experiences of us all then we would assume the worst. I don’t see how this is any different.

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the original video:

Also, in case anyone is wondering, i went for the Ryzen 1700, asus b350-plus mobo, 16gb blah blah blah memory, a 500gb m2 ssd and an evga supernova 750w g3 psu.
Question: tried an encode from adobe premiere and I can’t get any more than 30% cpu utilisation. Why? Any ideas?



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