Steve Kardian: “The New Superpower for Women” | Talks at Google

Steve Kardian is a self-defense and criminal expert who regularly appears on television and in print, including Inside Edition, Dr. Phil, Fox & Friends, CNN, HLN, the Today Show and The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, and Men’s Journal. Through his organization, Defend University, he has taught over 200,000 women practical self-defense techniques and strategies. He believes that every woman is capable of learning how to decrease the chances that she will be seen as an easy target, and increase the chances of effectively protecting herself.

In over 30 years in law enforcement as a police officer, detective, chief investigator and FBI defensive tactics instructor, Steve Kardian investigated thousands of crimes against women. He found that most of the women had felt something was ‘off’ about their situation beforehand but didn’t know if – or how – to react to their sense of unease.

In his smart, straightforward book, Kardian explains that people tend to freeze or panic in emergencies because their brain is facing something so utterly shocking and against the norm that at first it can’t even comprehend what’s happening. THE NEW SUPERPOWER FOR WOMEN explains how to use visualization to create an actionable blueprint of what to do and provides reality-based self-defense techniques so you can react quickly to any possible scenario, from active shooters to being stalked by an ex-boyfriend to getting out of an uncomfortable, or even dangerous, social situation.

Get the book: https://goo.gl/em9BC6

Moderated by Kerry Ann King.



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