Spying from Space: How the CIA Recovered Film From Secret Satellites

Humans have launched hundreds of spy satellites, but the first ones required a little more creativity.

How Close Are We?
Can Your Boss Spy On Your Internet Use? –

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The First Spy Satellites Had to Drop Gigantic Buckets of Film Back to Earth
“For better or worse, we’ve grown accustomed to idea that we’re under constant photo surveillance: there’s a CCTV camera on every corner, a webcam on every computer, and a network of satellites capable of taking high resolution photos of the entire earth every day. But just 50 years ago, figuring out how to make high altitude photo surveillance happen was no small order.”

US Intel Chief Warns That Russia and China May Target American Satellites
“China and Russia are advancing directed-energy (laser) weapons technologies for the purpose of fielding ASAT systems ‘that could blind or damage sensitive space-based optical sensors,’ Coats said. ‘Russia is developing an airborne laser weapon for use against US satellites.'”

These Satellites Help Scientists Monitor Antarctica’s Collapsing Ice Shelf
“The iceberg-to-be is hanging on by a thread, with just eight miles of solid ice standing in the way of a rift that’s spent years carving through the ice. Scientists can track the growth of the crack with precision during the summer season by flying over it, but even during the dead of Antarctic night, they’re still able to see it clearly thanks to eyes in the sky.”


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