Solar Roadways generate ~10 CENTS per day!!

Yup, you can see their power generation directly here:

I took a lot of grief when I first put up the solar roadways video, how I just wasnt being open minded enough. Well now the numbers are in on their first installation, and guess what… its pathetic.
On a good day it generates about 1kw hr of electricity. Thats about 10cents worth. On a bad day its about 1/3rd of that.

Now in my original busted video, I hit on 3 key points.
1) flat solar is dumb
2) led cant be seen and will use too much power
3) glass is a fundamentally unsuitable material for building roads from.
Dave from EEVblogs came to similar conclusions.

Each one of those on its own is fatal to this project. So far its clear I was right on 1 and 2. 3 hasnt even been put to the test yet! but when it is, you can rest assured they will find, GLASS IS A FUNDAMENTALLY UNSUITABLE MATERIAL FOR BUILDING ROADS FROM!… grrrr

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